Scrappy Doo and his girl friend are consulting me about various Facebook security settings. Neither Scrappy nor his best girl friend have used Facebook, they think it’s fundamentally stupid. But they’re scheming on how to ‘check up’ on long lost friends (those who got married to the fat chick). Scrappy’s girl friend is getting married and scheming on how I can come to the wedding, Scrappy’s family will be there and she’s just giddy about the prospects of sticking me up under their brown noses.

Scrappy Doo warms my heart and I realized there are some characteristics about him that you should be looking for in the sea of homos. These are:

Emotionally available — Scrappy wasn’t in the middle of some relationship when we met. He was just wandering about. I think this is important. Someone in a current relationship albeit declining isn’t a good find. Are they running away from something or running to you? But being emotionally available also means you’re free and clear of all ties, it’s also a tad lonely.

Homo Comfort Level — if someone isn’t totally comfortable with being out, this sets up a whole bunch of repressed emotional issues and not great relationship material. Scrappy is way out there to anyone and everyone and comfortable with that. Some guys go to great lengths to hide themselves, that’s fine to a certain point. But if you’re someone they’re meeting in a dark car park on a stormy night, you might question where this is going.

Game playing — ┬áthe bad news, if someone starts playing mind games early in the relationship, this sets up for mistrust later on (assuming there is a later on). We seen plenty of this, guys who act interested, then aren’t, then are. The classic is cancelling agreed dates on short notice with flimsy excuses. This is a good place to cut n’ run.

Inclusion in the ecosystem – this is one my favorites, guys who want to ‘date’ you, but not really include you in their lives. You know the deal, they hang out with you, but you never meet their friends. It’s like there is some wall set-up, you’re left wondering whether it’s to keep you in or out. All of us erect walls, but as a relationship grows these walls need to be lowered and ultimately removed. Trust is built in stages.

You ain’t my friend – your guy’s friends should be welcoming to you. I’ve seen the inevitable fag hag (usually the size of a size of a small truck or looking like they got hit by a small truck) who is very protective of their ‘boy’ and you’re likely nothing but trouble. Similarly, if you guy is a man whore, his friends may simply refer to you as a number is telling as well. The reality is ultimately you each need to be one another’s #1, if that’s not where you headed, then where are you going?

As I think about Scrappy Doo, he played all of these marks well and the relationship moved from we’re together to simply us (meaning I do whatever he tells me to do). Food for thought.