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My Thanksgiving

I walked down to the lake today to enjoy the fall colors. This is one of the photos I took (ok – I’ll get some hot dude shot for Saturday, bunch of animals). Had a chance to think about things a bit. I’m actually quite thankful for the luck I’ve had so far.

Mainly, I want to thank you for riding along with me on this journey. Your reading forces me to write. Your comments pick me back up when I’m down whether sent privately or public. I glad to have the email dialog, hopefully at some point meeting you in person would be pretty cool. With readers from 24 different countries, wish I could hold some mega cocktail party and invite the lot of you, a roomful of interesting people, each with their own stories. So a heartful thanks.

I’m also thankful for whatever power put Chris and I at the same spot on earth on 3 different ocassions in order to meet (sorry it took 3 times, but hey, I’m a tad slow). Airport, train station, bar – if our mutual timings were off by as little as a 1 minute or 2, we’d have never met each of those times. Somebody is trying to tell us something, he knew it immediately. I’m just starting to appreciate it. We’ll see how it goes, I’m optimistic, I hope we can get to the wet dirty nasty parts soon too 🙂


  1. No worries. Thanks for letting us along on your journey. Keep writing!

  2. Fantastic picture by the way! And yes, I must agree with SG, thanks for sharing your life! 🙂

  3. Whooow, this is a picture!!? A really lovely one.
    Stumbled through your blog just today but definitely will be back.

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