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My one chance at a white boy

I seem to have a thing for pissing off other bloggers.  Rob, who writes some great postings at Below the Radar, is also a pretty great guy from what I can tell. Unfortunately, I wrote a posting that being gay in a small town might likely suck and not in that good country folk sortof way. Along the way I commented that I usually try not to get any closer to Ohio than 7 miles and that’s usually in an airplane and to make matters worse I made some comment about the late night party scene at Home Depot in the nuts n’ bolts department. Keep in mind that I never said anything about Rob nor frankly was I even thinking about him.

Nonetheless, Rob got upset with me (though in a respectful midwest way he didn’t call me out specifically). So now I’ve gone and scorched my one chance at a white guy (he did post a semi-nude photo that I still have in a frame next to my bed). Oh Rob. I’m sorry. Please come back. I didn’t mean to pick on you. I’m mean and nasty sometimes, but mostly I’m a good guy, won’t you give me a second chance? I’ll be extra good (for a little while).

When someone says something to you that really irritates you down deep. I’m talking deep deep. It’s because they said something truthful, something you feared but never said out loud. I think I said it.

My message wasn’t directed to specifically to Rob. But I stand by my message. If you’re just coming out, may god be on your side if you’re in a small town. The reality is homos tend to migrate to where other homos are. If you’re in the market for a new homo relationship, well statistically you’re likely to have a larger set of pickings in a big city. That’s the entire content of my message.

Now how that got Rob upset, I have no idea but I read on as he labored on taking various jabs at me ending with something about me  “dating an effeminate hair stylist half their age” and just for good measure he dropped me from his blog list. Oh dear what shall I do.

If you’re a newbie, welcome to the gayborhood, this is how gays behave. 

In writing this blog, I’m documenting my progress, I’m not looking for friends on Facebook and we’re not going to dinner on Saturday either. If you disagree, I allow comments which I only rarely delete (indcdon that would be you), under the sticks n’ stones. I’ll resume normal navigation after this posting. Turn right ahead.





  1. Surely you meant “Turn Left”……..nothing good happens on the right.

  2. Damn, Chris, sometimes your posts so aggravate me (raising the question of why I read them, I know), and then today, you’re just so damn cute. If you could just stop generalizing so much about the gay community, but … you have your positives, too! Have a good trip.

  3. You are right about really small towns, of course, regarding gay opportunities. When I’m in Toronto, a site like Adam4Adam will have listings for hundreds of guys.

    In my own town, typically Adam4adam will usually have two older guys online and they are always the SAME two guys. They are starting to look like a browning piece of fruit which has been sitting on the supermarket shelf too long.

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