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Gay married man coming out story

My my, ain’t we a sight

I re-read my posting of yesterday and clearly you guys got your feathers all ruffled up. Single in the City has my number, I’m only one Asian twink away from happiness (or Latin – come to Daddy). 🙂

I didn’t mean to be harsh, just realistic. I write for the guy, alone with his thoughts, who one evening googles “gay married man coming out” and finds this blog. He’s been bothered by things and doesn’t know where to turn. But now has found someone who has been in their situation. Finally a roadmap, a checklist, a story for them to follow. They don’t comment, sometimes they write a private note and often times spend hours reading, generally in 1 hour increments after which they simply disappear. That’s who I spend $100 a year to host this site for. My entire contribution to the gay cause.

Now measured in years, my point was, I have yet to hear a story where it turns out badly for the wife. They’re gonna be fine. Yes some pots will rattle, the table will shake, but like mild earthquake, it will be over before you know it. On the other hand, you, my silent friend, have an assortment of issues to confront. You’ve got some new elements of your identity to deal with and they’re big and warrant your attention. Don’t let other lessor priorities overtake them. Focus.

I will talk about my own Lego blocks in my next posting, a through self-examination, the Doctor is in.

Did anyone say Rice Krispy treat?

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  1. Hey buddy…I’m in your time zone…sorta..west coast…but in DC later in the year!!! You gotta meet my mum. She needs a gay friend! LOL She’s a therapist too!

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