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My kind of town, ain’t Seattle

Daddy having to focus on making money this week, no time to post stuff. On the west coast and in Seattle, Washington. I’m behaving. I had a late lunch at Mario Batali’s father’s little hole in the wall deli called Salumi. Mario, just in case, is a well known chef and has a bunch of top rated restaurants (mainly Italian) in NYC. His dad opened this itty bitty place, they serve Artisan dried meats, it’s a true wonder and a real Italian novelty.

You order the food at a counter, and sit at a single communal table. Food is out of this world. So I’m sitting there munching along and a cute and very young guy sits across from me. Well, you know me, I can’t resist, I start chattering away with him. Pre-med student from Atlanta, Georgia Tech, doing an internship for the summer. I’m being all nice and ask him where he’s living. Bombs away. “I’m living with my ex-boyfriend”, he casually mentions. Dear Lord, where is that  bolt of lightening you’ve been promising.

I hint I’d just been at Blake on the Park in Atlanta, a well known gay bar, just the previous night. Well he took the hint. We chatter some more, finish, we walk out together. He’s taking a bus back to Capital Heights, gayville for Seattle, I’ll take a bus too. We talk some more. I need to exit this situation, I climb on the next bus, don’t care where it’s going, he’s seems a bit shocked but waves back. I feel bad.

Sadly, there are a ton of gay guys in Seattle of which 0.0000001% are decent looking. I cruised thru Capital Heights, not really that exciting, too many people looking well, grungy, wearing black and spikey stuff. Not my scene. Tomorrow, LA, be still my beating heart.

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  1. Oh my oh my do you set hurdles in front of you.

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