Sex, how important is that in a relationship? Brian, my therapist says it’s important. William tells me it’s a serious element. Kevin Leman wrote an entire book called Sheet Music on the topic.

In the course of my marriage, I had sex maybe once a month, sometimes even once a quarter. My wife would get all bitchy and I figured she needed to be serviced and I did my duty. Figured she was happy. I thought I was happy just whacking off whenever the mood suited me. We never talked openly about sex.

When we first met, 15 years ago, I was a bit of a dog, couple of times a week, then I slowed down, she wanted to keep at it, but I told her to watch those "Happy Hands".  Therein lies the question I ponder, "Have I been denying my sexuality and therefore my sex life?"

If I’m in a gay mongamous long term relationship, what would my sexual habits be after say a year together?  Am I really only a once a month kind of guy? I don’t think so, but how am I supposed to know.

Christ, I know that on an unexplored body, male or female — I can stay busy for a couple of weeks with full energy. It’s fun. But the new car smell wears off and then it’s an old car.