TC is in Watford. I’m not. Neither are you (I hope). It’s time to learn how to ‘pimp’ products on a cruise ship. TC is fresh from Vidal Sassoon where he acquired a $150 haircut (tigers are quite expensive to care for). He’s on Skype video showing me his new ‘do’. It’s all short now save for one long strand of his black silky hair. He looks like a little school boy with the white shirt, black tie and black pants uniform. Hmmm… I growl. Damn, he hung up on me again!!! 🙂

I stumbled upon this audio message from Ellen Degeneres I wanted to share. Ellen is giving the commencement address for the 2009 graduating class at Tulane University. It’s 9 minutes in length and quite funny, but it’s also quite motivational. She talks about her ‘coming out’ experience and how she got there, where she is now and why she feels it’s important that we all be ourselves, no matter the initial consequences.

Listen below (Flash required).