A break from serious. In the midst of it all things, I always try to see the humor, silliness abounds if you just look around. TC is a pack rat. He saves everything and has drawers full of half wrinkled scraps of papers with little notes of this and that. Unfortunately, read enough of them and you have a trail of his life.

Image316 TC's mother and father clearly want to know the truth about his life. But he can't tell them directly and they don't want to hear it directly. So they have some strange arrangement of listening to him lie, acting like they believe it but quietly seeking the truth. His mother has this habit, if she finds something noteworthy, she sits it somewhere prominently in his room. A signal, "I found this, I know". But they never talk about it.

So TC is readying himself for Germany. He's concocted some wacko story and tells me this is game he has to play. So about a week ago his mother found the hotel receipt for our visit to Niagara Falls and of course it has my name on it. His mother leaves it on his dresser. No questions. His story had been he was going with some girls down to Niagara. Oops.

Yesterday his mother finds the emailed flight plan for TC's visit to Chicago (when he supposedly went to Montreal) and similarly, my name is all over it. To make matters worse, my family name is clearly German and no doubt Mom has pieced it all together now.

You could say this is a adolescent thing, but I watch all kinds of relationships where the truth is never spoken. We wanna know, but we don't wanna know. It seems like a whole lot of wasted energy and perhaps deprives you of a fuller relationship. The power of truth.