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At 22, my new Chris, from Toronto, is a free spirit, on a holiday visa, living in London working as a hair stylist and bartending in a gay bar. He’s fresh, simply taking in life for the moment, desiring to be happy wherever he happens to be.

On Saturday morning, he leaves at 9:30 to check out of the hostel, we’ve agree to meet at noon on the Dom Cathedral steps. I shower, but am thinking we didn’t exchange information, what if he doesn’t show up?

I’m on the steps at noon, he quickly emerges from the crowd, smiling. I’m relieved. We stroll off to the main shopping area. It’s a beautiful fall day, blue skies, cool temperatures, walking, talking. I mention my fear that he wouldn’t show up, he was worried as well. He comments on how strange gay guys can be with their encounters. No duh, I’ve been living that dream.

We’re in the Puma store (me a big fan) and I notice his shoes are in trashy condition. I encourage him to try on a pair. He’s hesitant but I wanna sit down for a moment (hung over from the previous night). He finds a nice pair of casual shoes, but puts them back. I take them. What? I’m getting them for you. What? Why? No. Oh shut up. Outside the store, he stops me and thanks me saying no one has ever done something like that for him. He meant it. OK, so I’m a sugardaddy, and yes it’s a bad habit, but doing something nice for someone when they don’t expect it makes me happy.

The hangover is getting to us, back to the hotel to take a nap. We curl up in a ball together and quickly fall asleep. Awakening we end up just laying in bed talking for 3 hours. The conversations are balanced, each of us carefully listening, replying. A wide range of topics from his coming out experience at 15 and difficulties his father (who is Indian) had with it, to the chemistry of relationships. A feeling of warmth between us. We’re both just relaxed.

We talk about how our relationship is moving at light speed. We could just have had a one dark night together, now we are planning to spend the entire weekend together. When you meet someone the natural progression is to have a date, together a couple hours, then you don’t see them for a week, then another date. It’s a slow process. We are on a high speed process. Would he have gone off for a weekend with me after one date? No way. We acknowledge this is some intensive power date. He says we’re both having fun. Yes indeed.

Chris and I agree that we kinda of figured each other out in the first few minutes of meeting, both good and bad and here hours later while we have more depth on each other, the primary things haven’t changed.

Out into the night we go, stumbling upon a trendy Italian restaurant. I’m not my usual “full on” personality, I’m something new, relaxed, We enjoy dinner and wander back to the IXBAR. Drink in hand, Chris goes off to the WC, a young German leans over “Your boyfriend is quite beautiful”. I smile. Yes he is. 3 a.m. back to the Hotel. He falls into my arms. The feeling is different. We know each other better. It feels warmer & familiar. I like it.

Sunday approaching noon, we’re waking up, gotta get out of the hotel. Both of us packing. Silence. We know that our time together is ending. We write out our contact info. Chris has a mystic element to him and offers his feeling that we are going to see each other again one day.

We knew this would suddenly end and now standing on the train platform, the end is indeed close. His train is pulling up to the platform. A long soft kiss good bye. His puppy dog eyes looking out the window as the coach pulls away. I resist a sniffle.

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  1. I’m envious. You’re what, 47 years old and you seem to be able to pick up all these hot young guys? What’s your secret man?

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