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Tuesday evening TC returns to London. Tuesday evening I plan to be alternating between crying and drinking. Not sure what I should do first. Perhaps I’ll do both at the same time. OR I could go out and sharpen my claws a little, afterall I am living in the student area of Cologne, a lot of cute guys, naturally buff, none of this “created in a gym” artifical stuff. Right, you know me, I’m going to stay home and cry, it’s the thought that counts.

TC has been at Splenda sweetness levels in the last days. A different softness to him that I hadn’t seen previously. He’s trying to pack in as much as possible before Tuesday. Sexually, he’s chasing me around twice a day, I’m starting to feel like a milked cow. But the point is the relationship is different, deeper, perhaps even with more meaning.

Tiger Cub wants to set some rules for our time apart. It hasn’t helped that I asked for a definitive definition of what exactly constitutes a “blowjob”. How long? Who did who? Was there a happy ending? Where did the happy ending go? I’m throughly amused, he less so.

I’m not sure we can set any “rules” about the future. Things will just happen. Let your emotions sail you forward. If we want to be together, we will find a way. If one of us doesn’t, well, we won’t. I’ve been guilty in previous relationships of trying to make things work when they weren’t meant to be, it’s terribly frustruating and ends in pain (mainly for me, the person I’m most concerned about). So we’ll both have to be content with the unknown. Clarity will happen when you least expect it

Speaking of unknown. Crazy budget airline here offers super cheap “grab bag” fare, you have no idea what city you will be flying to (you get a list of potentials) until you’ve paid. So we went through the booking process, TC sitting in my lap (he likes to do that, fairy that he is) both of us quite anxious, hit the final ENTER key, “… processing your transaction …”. Screen refreshes. We’re going to Rome tomorrow! I’m excited.

How are things in Ohio again? 🙂


  1. You’re bad and love teasing TC. He falls for it (probably because he knows it makes you smile).
    As for your future, you had best invite Monty and I to the wedding…..cause we both hear bells.
    Have fun in Rome. I love the city, could walk around it for weeks.

  2. I hear bells also. It is so marvolously refreshing to find a couple as committed and well suited as you and TC. I don’t think I have ever seen such level of affection, real connection and faithfullness in a gay couple before. Straights are always making like gays can’t be in relationships, but you and TC are proving the world wrong. 🙂

  3. Rome..I wanna be in Europe! I was in the gold coast..not very exciting!

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