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My crabs epidemic is now over. Thank you all for the get well soon cards. Unfortunately, my emotional turmoil is far from over, it may just be beginning. How did I get crabs?

Logically, either I got it from a sexual encounter or infected bed sheets, not more complicated than that. A sexual encounter could have been with TC or someone else. Infected bed sheets would have to have been from a hotel.

The infected bed sheet is the current story. But let’s see, hummm, in 25 years of travel, over 70 nights in different hotels a year, I never have gotten anything. Seems to reason this might be a bit remote. Nonetheless, there is a chance and it’s this chance that I’m holding on to.

Image311 Now on to the sexual encounter. I may have had contact with someone other than TC. This is the theory my friend Prof. Tim seems to have (thanks again Tim for your support). Unfortunately, I’ve been a 100% loyal in 2008. As well, had I cheated, my ego would have propelled me to write a “tell all posting” for your entertainment. 

So I’m left with the remaining option that TC fooled around. Fooled around? Getting crabs entails more than a sloppy make-out session or a quickie blow job. It involves full on get naked ride’em cowboy contact. The thought of which has me quite upset. But what to do?

The bed sheet story has raised the eyebrow of everyone I’ve asked, generally followed by questioning my belief in the tooth fairy. If I’ve been good (and I have), it stands to reason that TC is the culprit. Unfortunately, he’s not confessed and professes his total innocent

If TC cheated on me, I’d want to understand the how and why and depending may find myself unable to forgive him. I understand he’s 23 and horny and I’m away for a long period. Prof. Tim (who has meet TC) continues to think TC’s a keeper, a loyal boyfriend and not likely to have strayed. The problem is there’s an element of doubt now.

I’m going to leave this for the moment, but clearly one night when we’re together in the future, I’m going to bring this up and hope that the truth prevails.



  1. The cub cheated on you, its plain and simple.
    Becareful..this kid may have more than crabs.

  2. Don’t know what to make of your musings. It’s like reading a rather dark novel…..

  3. I trust you Chris, I’m just always skeptical… skeptical of TC too. The good news is that you’ll know the moment you can look him in the eyes. The eyes never lie.

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