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Missing Men

It you think Single in the City whines on his blog, you should hear him whine in his emails. Like a cat trapped in a garbage can. He’s not good sick. But in between we discuss important topics. He, the professional gay guy, and me, a rank newbie. Both of us bemoaning how the system works.

The Washington, DC metro area has 5.4 million people, roughly there is ~ 1.5 million adult males, let’s figure 5% are homo, that’s 75,000 boys in need. Figure 2% of these are closeted, in denial or just plain crazy. That leaves a grand available total of 45k homos available for immediate delivery.

Unfortunately, there were only 100 homos and a handful of bitches at JR’s the other night, leaving 44,900 unaccounted for. I wanna know where you’re hiding at. That sounds like a lot of missing homos and perhaps I need to file a report with the authorities.

Unfortunately, statistics can get pretty depressing. If you’re situated in lovely Oklahoma City, OK — the math works out to a mere 9k available adult homos. Barely enough to keep Single in the City satisfied for a one year. My message is there is more out there to be found. Many similar to Single in the City (now Sick in the City) looking for love. But perhaps looking for love in all the wrong places (wasn’t that a song).

TC UPDATE: The brown tiger is back living with his parents, growling already, but safe away from big white hockey players who devour brown treats. He’s in theory already packing for Europe (1 bag, 900 pounds of stuff). He’s thinking about his living situation, it’s gonna get interested about 1 October.


  1. Does someone have a secret crush on Single in the City? I’m beginning to think so. Harmless fun.

  2. I am back to your blog for a read.. Oh I read some report stating that the figure stands at 20%…

    have a great day my friend..

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