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Metro Alert – Yellow line back in service

I live OTB, which for those who live in DC means just over the bridge in Virginia. I’ve been home alone, snowed in for 2 days, the metro stopped running (6 snow flakes and the nation’s capital screeches to a half). So I’ve been stranded with my thoughts – maybe I should go out to the gayborhood, yeahhhh.

I haven’t done a good job of getting a local queer buddy to go whoring around with. But being a friend with someone solely based upon their sexuality is not a great basis for friendship. TC calling regularly, but I’m mad at him, mad for leaving me ametrot the holidays, mad for leaving without some understood future plan. The metro just texted that the YELLOW line is resuming service. But I know the gayborhood drill, it’s not hard to find a buddy for the night.

I have a better sense of who I am and what I want and whoring around is not me, nor is the gayborhood the place to find what I want. I’m giving serious consideration to walking to National Airport and hanging about the baggage area, worked for me the last time 🙂

Thus I am back to an age old dilemma. A dilemma that confronts both straight and gay singles. How to meet new people in a setting that is not overly charged?

Now TC would argue that we’re not ‘officially’ broken up. But the reality he moved out (ironically at my urging) and has no definitive plans to return. Duh? Now things could quickly change, I do miss and love him very much and I think he does as well and that’s one powerful force. So we’ll see. But I’m never one to float for long. But perhaps floating is OK for a little while, keep your options open.


  1. hey….welcome back!

  2. Do you feel single? or do you miss your pub?

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