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Tiger Puff called at 1 a.m. drunk in the gayborhood. I would not hear from him again until around 1 p.m. yesterday. What was he doing? Who was he with?  The sweeter he got, the more I got suspicious. “Did you make out with some boy?“, I asked, not jokingly.  He didn’t confirm or deny. Rule#1 – Always deny, immediately and often.  “Did he put his hands down your pants?“, I inquired. Again neither a confirmation or denial.  10 more phone calls, you can barely walk across the floor with all the sugar on it.

Did TC cheat on me in some way? It wouldn’t be beyond him to get me jealous. But equally, TC is quite cute and exotic. Wherever we go in the world, other guys hit on him. He’s always fun to be with, polite and pour a little liquor him and he sloshes around like water in a mop bucket. Do I care? No. Well yes. No. What do you want me to say? He’s almost 27 and horny about 73.4% of the time. But I also know deep down he misses me and the minute anyone else lays a hand on him, he quickly realizes it’s not the same, no matter how dark the room or how many drinks have been downed.

Men are emotional unstable. They generally will only abandon a relationship once they’ve found another. Until then they switch hit. Nothing new in either the straight or gay world. Woman are different. I know a number of woman who divorced their husband and went solo with no new fellow waiting in the wings. Women are just emotionally stronger. Find a woman whose cheated on her partner and this is one emotionally f”d up girl, best to stay as far away as possible.

TC can turn his girlie side on or off. Often I expect him to have the emotions of a woman, he’s about 900% better than I am at tending the emotional side. But he’s still a guy and prone to the same wacko genes that I have. I haven’t been 100% honourable in our relationship and I’m also a horrible liar and his woman side got it out of me. But he well knows that I appreciate and love him for who he is, not matter how a bad dog I often can be.

Now before you go and condemn Tiger Puff, realize he’s also good at playing my emotions. He wants my attention all the time and he sometimes want me to get a tad jealous as he goes nuts when I so much as sniff in the air at something. I simply write this for you to understand, you can’t expect a guy to have the emotional armament that a women normally is equipped wife. So you have to flexible, understanding and accommodating. This ain’t Kansas any more.


  1. As my wife of almost 20 years (who knew I was gay all the while) once said: “Women need a reason to have sex, Men just need the opportunity”… I learned alot from her…

    Love ya

  2. Chris: Despite your strong BS meter that serves you well in the business world, you are easily manipulated in your personal life — but I think you secretly like playing this “Cat and mouse” game with TC. Perhaps it is the thrill of the Tiger chase that keeps you focused.

  3. You boys and your drama. I think you both are the girls…80% of the time!

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