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Meeting people (the wrong kind)

Scrappy’s mother got out of the hospital today, yippee. I’m all happy for her but mainly I’m happy for me (that’s how happiness works) because that means Scrappy is closer to getting back home to me. And not a minute too soon.

In our travels, Scrappy has been good at meeting new people online. I’m not sure how he manages it. Mostly because he has a sixth sense about people and quickly discards the ‘nutt’ jobs. So here I sit in Hong Kong, alone, no friends other than some work colleagues. What’s a boy to do?

Too much time isn’t a good thing for me. I fired up my defunct profile on one of the gay sites and relaunched it with freshened information and photos. It was late at night, mid-week, figured I could tweek it some more later. BANG. 5 little Asian snackie toys sent me a note. One guy sent a bunch of naked photos of himself. HMMMM.

Now you, professional homo that you are, probably aren’t the least bit surprised. But I was taken aback. I didn’t say I was looking for a hook-up, just looking to make new friends (and meet my best friend Mr. Beanstalk) or so it seems. More emails inbound.

Friends, I am not some hot property by any means but it’s clearly an ego boast. Timid little sheep that I am, what the hell should I do with these response?


  1. Timid, hardly………but loyal, yeah I suspect. You don’t go on to make friends……bad boy.

  2. You are just so…human.

    But you can’t use that as an excuse to risk fucking things up with Scrappy.

    There are ways to keep yourself out of trouble, most reliably, your dominant hand.

  3. White old guy in Asia? are you serious? You are totally HOT property!!! You will get a lot of responses and they will love you long time….playing with fire….

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