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Meeting new people (plain or peanut?)

I’ve pretty much figured out the logistics of my move out and turn my thoughts to “and now what”. I don’t mind being by myself, but like any human, I enjoy the company of others. Dropping myself in the eye of the hurricane, DuPont Circle, is a good first start, but how the hell am I supposed to meet anybody in the gay world?

Each of the people I’ve meet on this journey so far have sadly faded away (course they can fade back in). Cruising Halo (a bar) with an alcohol induced personality doesn’t sound like a winning strategy plus I think your reputation suffers in, what I am finding, is a relatively small community. In a bar, alone is just looking for trouble, in the company of another person you must focus on them, so you need at least 3 people to go hit up the bars and meet anyone., Maybe. I’ve read some of the profiles and some folks seem pretty sincere and put up lot of data about themselves. Is it possible to have a checklist of what you want in a person? I gauge people instantly in person, often without a word said, it’s gut feel and odd combinations are possible. Worry I’d end up meeting a bunch of people that either I’m not interested in them or vice versus in the span of a couple of minutes.

I’m intrigued in my professional life with A website that pulls togethers people living in the same community to meet (in person) on specific interest/topics. Great idea, sort of an inverse Myspace concept. Maybe I’ll start my own group.

I’d much rather meet with a gang and let cozy dynamics happen or not. Mind you, I’m not scared to put myself out there (friends will attest I’ve had engaging conversations with inanimate objects). But it’s going to be difficult and I’ll have to put my hard candy coating on to endure.

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  1. Interesting post…..and a good one. It looks like you are attempting to not only find “that man” but are also attempting to find a new circle of friends. I somehow don’t think you’ll ever find it difficult to find someone to have sex with…..but I would strongly suggest that you work on that “larger” circle of friends.

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