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Image297 A humor moment, chuckle all you want, poor saps all of you’s. So TC and I are staying in Prof. Tim’s guest room adjacant to the living room. It’s Monday afternoon, Tim and his partner are at work. TC and I are at home, hot outside, nothing to do. HEY – I’ve got an idea on what we can do!!!!

TC tries to resist, but it’s not hard to get a 23 yo horny, just got to push the right buttons and I am the button master. You know how it is, strange house, new bed, alone, a little fun, whose going to know. So Chris and I had a geniune Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom moment right there in that guest room. Clothes all over the place, bed linens on the floor and I hesitate to think of the noises as I conquered my little brown cub in ways previously illegal in most states.

The eclipse reached, I’m drenched in sweat and emerge to cross the hallway to the bathroom and there sitting on the living room couch is Prof. Tim’s partner looking like he’s seen (or more likely heard) a ghost. He had come home early from work to see how we were doing. We’re doing fine thank you and try and make a little more noise next time.

Now I’m not sure how to react. He’s clearly speechless but the look he gives me says “you dirty nasty whore” which I fully accept with pride. I quickly go back into the bedroom and tell Chris we have company. Chris tries to climb out the window, “maybe he’ll think you were just whacking off alone”. Nice try.

TC busily tidys up the room and we both emerge with that “busted teenager” look and attempt to make small talk, in about an hour the color finally re-emerges to Prof. Tim’s partner’s face, though neither of us could look him in the eye the rest of the night.

Oh well, it was fun and there was nothing else to do.


  1. Oh I see, Prof. Tim and partner are in a plutonic relatonship. For God sake what else would he have thought you guys got up to when it’s too hot to go outside and play.
    I hope you put a notch on the bed post before you left the bedroom “in shame”.

  2. busted…….way too funny…like mark said, what else were you supposed to do, and tell me prof. tim and his partner have never done it…caused me to chuckle this am

  3. LOL. I’m still laughing. Tooo funny! You are just too funny! I’m still chuckling, and I’ve probably read this yesterday and today about 6 times; it makes me laugh each and every time. Like I said, you are just too funny! LOL

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