“Being gay is a choice.” I’m staring at the screen in disbelief. Did this woman really just utter those words? I’m of course referring to Gov. Sarah Palin in her interview last week with CBS’s Katie Couric. Now if you listen to the interview Ms. Palin’s response wasn’t that cut n’ dry nonetheless she hedged. But there was no mincing words in the Vice Presidential debate the question of gay marriage, both Biden and Palin were universally opposed to it.

It defies logic and is the reason I carry my German passport everywhere I go, ready to leave this crazy country on a moment’s notice when the nuts finally take over. Most of the European countries have created some legal status for same-sex marriages including Spain (and the pope got all upset because in Italy gay marriage is not recognized).

Image387 I’m always amused how progressive Americans think they are. Not all mind you, America is a study in contrasts, for every left there is a right. But America clearly has fallen behind in social thinking. Time to step up the game.

I certainly would want to get married to my partner. I’m telling TC this as he rolls his eyes. I wanna bond with someone else, accept some responsibility for them and they for me and marriage is an ultimate signal of that bond.

Canada recognizes gay unions and TC is equally baffled by Americas. Even Brazil does and finally lowly little Mexico (those folks just outside of Houston) have acknowledged gay unions. Did I just mention Mexicans? Oh shit, now look what you’ve done. ¡Estoy enamorado! ¿Quieres casarte conmigo? Te quiero con todo mi corazón.