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Married twice over

I’m landed in Chicago. Farm boy town. Big beefy boys, everyone polite. It’s a warm night, but just. It’s perfect and I’m out with Prof. Tim and friend in the legendary Boys Town.

Unfortunately, I’m not feeling. Not feeling it at all. Gaggles of girlie and muscular boys busy gossiping, texting, Grindr, pretending to like girls, pretending to be girls. It’s friendly, the venues accepting of all comers, come as you are and that part I like. But I’m old or rather older and ridden this ride before. Even a few cute ones fail to entice this old tiger to growl.

Scrappy is on full alert and calling every 20 minutes to update my moving coordinates. Playing his classic I love you/I hate you routine which works well in overall game of our relationship. It’s funny, it’s sweet, it’s cute and I recognize he does because he genuinely cares. He wants his old man back in his cage firmly secured.  I take my leave, it’s 1 a.m. but the streets are still busy and walk the15 minutes back to the Professor’s apartment and tuck in for the night. Scrappy final call to ensure I’m bedded down for the night.

Tomorrow I head North, touching the Arctic Circle, winging my way back to Hong Kong. On my laptop is an official employment agreement. A local Hong Kong based position detailing remuneration, bonuses, housing allowances, tax assistance, moving and general expenses. There’s a tad more negotiation that needs to be done, but the it’s official. November 1st start date, course it will take 8-10 weeks to secure a residency visa.

The story is changing and I’m changing with it.


  1. Wow, sounds exciting! Good luck.

  2. Good…how long will you be in HK?

  3. Good luck!

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