I’m working on my New Year’s resolutions? You working on your own yet?

I’m what Malcolm Gladwell defined as a “connector” person. I know loads of people from all walks of life and I stay in touch with them and they with me via short emails and brief phone calls. I throughly enjoy it when someone is trying to find a contact and I can put them in touch. I also know other “connectors” with their own network and leverage those as well. This works for both business & social settings.

I’ve realized in the last year, I’ve spent far too much time chasing my prospective toys, trying to stay in touch with them, hoping to gain their attention and got precious little in return. I’ve done a great disservice to those who enjoy being in communication with me (and I with them). It’s a 50/50 proposition. Each party has to contribute.

I have elaborate Christmas card rules. I’ll happily send you a Christmas card. But if you don’t send me one, off the list you go after 2 years. I also will uncermoniously dump anyone who can’t bother to write a brief note in their Christmas card to me. If you’re sending a card and can’t spare 30 seconds to jot a short note to someone once a year, well, what can you spare? I continue to get cards from folks I haven’t seen in 10+ years, but yet I still feel very much connected to them. I’m similarly as crazy with remembering people’s birthdays, it’s the one Microsoft Outlook feature that I actually enjoy. Plus I like to remind people they’re getting older (and I’m not).

Think about it, who haven’t you been in touch with in the last year? Feeling bad about it? Gee I’d wish’d I’d called … but yet you never did. Someone you met and disappeared on. Perhaps something was left akward the last time. Doesn’t matter, we all like to be thought of. So during this “spirit of the holidays” (I’m gonna get sick) pick-up the phone, open up your email address book and dash off a quick note or make a 2 minute call – just to say hi. I’m sure something bad will happen.