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I’m a lumberjack and that’s OK

I’m off to Toronto tomorrow. TC is frettng. He wants everything to be ‘perfect’ for me. He’s worried about what I want to eat. Yelled at the Jewish roommate to learn how to clean up after herself (a ‘no win’ situation for sure). And generally is circling around. It’s nice.

My wife invited me over for dinner tonight. They are baby sitting “Fishy 2” while I’m gone. A pleasant meal, my wife put on a full spread for me. She’s stressed. Raising two teen age boys with no handgun or at least a Taser, isn’t easy. She works for the school system where the pay is low and the principal is some bitch 10 years past when they should have retired. And she’s worried. Worried about herself and how things will be. She’s worried about me and the financial crisis that hangs over our head. It’s a lot to carry around and she’s carrying it around mainly by herself.

I left to leave and forgetting something, I returned to the house to find her literally screaming at the young son. It wasn’t controlled anger, I’m not even sure it was anger, it was a tidal wave of frustration. It seems that despite the school year ending and the fact that the kids bring their lunch to school, the youngest son had charged $50 onto his school lunch credit card . An email is sent to my wife denoting the charge. Whatever for she thought? Well, our little Mr. Facebook socialite has been busy buying snacks and cookies for his mates. Well she blew a gasket

But what I saw was pure rage and frustration, not so much directed at my son, who wisely choose to plead guilty and profess he would never do it again (he’s quickly learning) but at the stresses she was trying to cope with.

Along my path, I have found that most guys in my ‘situation’ have been blessed (and I’m definitely not religious) with having wives who likely were Saints in a previous life. But it’s a lot for them to deal with, alone for the most part, and while I’d like to help, and I will try no matter what, I’m left feeling like I really can do little.

The good news, she will go to Europe in the next 3 weeks, as always, and I hope there amongst her family, she can recharge her batteries and finally get the relaxation she needs and deserves.


  1. Your wife needs a holiday. Maybe you should take the kids!

  2. Yeah, there could be “3 lumberjacks” up there in Canada. You could get a canoe (and lots and lots of mesquito replant) and go camping…..I hope they sell plaid tents nowadays.

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