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Love doesn’t have to be complex

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I didn’t have many expectations for bagging a girl with a long term boyfriend. But perhaps she had some hot girlfriends herself? One can dream you know.

About a week after our first dinner, I get a greeting card from her in the mail. Basically, explaining there is no way for us to get together near term as she’s sooooooooo busy with family obligations, Christmas holidays approaching and and and. I keep the card for some reason on my bookshelf for years.  Well, that’s it, I truly need to move on and do. It’s my slut period, I’ve got women coming and going. Don’t have time for this.

Fast forward 2 months, it’s early February. Munich is cold. I’ve moved my office and changed telephone numbers, now on swank Leopoldstrasse in the heart of the city. Sitting in office one morning, nursing a hot coffee, phone rings. It’s her, she had to call information to get my new number. She’s ready to book a new date for me to meet some of her friends. I’m feeling confidant. “No, no thanks, really, I appreciate it. You see, I liked you actually and since you have a boyfriend, there’s really no point.”, I toss over.

“I don’t have a boyfriend anymore”, she steely replies. “Great – when do you want to go out”, I ask, not missing a beat. We book a date for the next day and we get married on a crisp February day less than a year later and have been together since.

We’re both ducks, we mated for life. She gave me 2 little wooden ducks early on to symbolize our relationship. She’s never left my side since. With all the sh*t I’ve done in the last year, she must be frantic, paddling around me, trying to help in some way, worried more about me than herself. Her mate was in trouble.

So I close this chapter in my life and move on. I paddle downstream. Quack.


  1. Chris,
    Good luck with the journey. Treat her well, she’s obviously worth a great deal to you and you to her.

  2. Awww…
    Moonriver is playing in the background.Just tugged at my someting in my left ventricle.

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