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Long distance love. It just sucks in more ways than I can say. Tiger Cub calling me every day from Toronto. Getting our systems in sync such that one of us is talking and the other is actually listening is so hard. Things going on, time difference, mood, basically everything is out of sync.

The whole problem with telephone conversations is they don’t communicate all the emotional data. TC’s sister is having her baby today and he, after a late night party, was hurrying down to the hospital. He was hung over and rushed, both of us had no new information, so the call was brief. But when he rang off, I felt awful.

You know exactly what I’m talking about. You call someone you care about and for whatever reason, the call just didn’t feel right to you when it ended. I, of course, started that hyper-analysis of our phone call. Did him mean that? What did he mean when he said that? Should I take this to mean? It’s endless. He’s busy, I appreciate him calling, I’m still on his mind. But the deeper reality, it’s hard to separate two people for a month so early in a relationship

TC’s family has this traditional custom of having a big party for the baby 9 days after birth. TC can’t leave Canada before then. His sister had a high risk pregancy and he fears she may delay the party to give herself some additional time to recoup. Which meaans even more delay before he can come over.

I may well have to haul my pasty white ass over to North America next week. I’m not letting this puppy love grow cold.

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  1. Oh my……this sounds like unrequited love.

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