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Gay married man coming out story


My wife was sobbing, sitting on the edge of the bed. This was following one of the many conversations we had over the weekend. She’s coming to accept who I am and understanding it’s not my fault per se.

“What? What is it?” I questioned. “You can’t change me”. “No, I don’t want to try”, she replied. But, but what is it then? “I just don’t want to be lonely”, she said.

“You’re a great person, hot body, well cultured & traveled, there are ton of guys who would die to be with you, there is life after this you know”, I countered. Looking at me, she replied, “I look at the guys out there and no one can replace you.”

I realized then that in the course of our 15 years together, neither of us have been been tempted to jump ship, we just fit together, it all simply worked. In the past, we’ve left many a dinner party and wondered how some other couples stay together (“that woman’s a total bitch to him”).

Fear and uncertainty sleep together. Now our situation is no different.

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  1. “I look at the guys out there and no one can replace you.”
    — i think this is the sweetest line in your blog. Pity her. My heart would melt if i hear this from my gf.

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