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London (again)

I’m at a London airport, heading for Germany. Seems like I’m always at an airport. Such is my life. I’ll be back in London in 2 days, taking the Eurostar back, screw all this airport security mess.

Yesterday, TC and I went looking for an apartment. A very posh West End realtor in a high end car taking us around to various places. I try not to convert prices any more. I had introduced Chris as a London friend helping me in my search. Lucky for me, the realtor was quite gay. By the end of the day, the realtor was talking about how he’d been “good” and his partner had bought him a new kitchen. At one place, he commented “you and Chris” will be very happy here.

Later that night, at dinner with Chris, I was amusing myself by thinking up things TC would have to do to earn a new kitchen from me. I ended with wondering how the realtor knew about us. Where there any obvious signs? TC stops dead, “Obvious signs, noooooo Chris, how could he have possibly known? Just because at each place you commented 50 times on whether I would enjoy cooking in here and was the bathroom suitable for my long showers. No, I have noooo idea how he figured us out”. I know when I’m being mocked. OK so I was a little out there. I resumed talking about what he would have to do to earn a new kitchen. We laugh a lot together. Life doesn’t need to be all serious.

I tell Chris about some of the comments I’ve been getting on the blog. TC has been aware of this blog and no he’s not been looking for it. Nonetheless, he had a good question. “Am I writing to amuse my readers, amuse myself? Am I doing things simply to create material? How relevant are some of the postings compared to the mission of the blog?” He doesn’t want our private life broadcast on the internet. I told him I’d pretty much written about everything. Can’t undo that, he reasons, but urged me to some restraint for the future.

It’s been a long journey and while it probably never ends. The relevance of my relationship with Chris or any other guy for that matter at this point, isn’t that material. I wrote to help others who find themselves in a similar predicament. I’m getting closer to the end of the tunnel. The light is brighter now. So I’ll once again try and dial down the content. Sorry it may not be as entertaining. Real life never is.

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  1. So did you find a flat?
    Would Chris rather a new kitchen or bathroom?

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