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I’ve expressed dissatisfaction with the whole bar scene, though frankly it’s where I’ve meet everyone so far. A couple of friends have suggested I give one of the online dating services a go. Was hesitant, but hey, I’ve got nothing to lose. There are a number of websites that offer matching services, some are clearly for hook-ups, I picked the one that screened photos and the postings seem generally sincere.

I write up a pithy tongue-in-cheek intro to myself, find a couple of photos of me, plunk down my credit card. I’m in business. Now to find me a wooooomen. I open up the search window and deliberately fill out criteria on the “type” of guy I’m most interested in. Stupid me, I think I’m casting a pretty wide net.

I hit the SUBMIT button. Wait wait wait. Screen refreshes. Two guys have met my criteria. Is that all? Match#1 —– Eduardo. His smiling face looking back at me. No shit. I’m totally stunned. I paid money for this? I snap a screenshot and send it to Eduardo, ain’t the world small. Course, while Eduardo clearly matchs what I’m looking for, the real question is, am I what he is looking for?

Couple of hours later my profile has been viewed 8 times and some 50 year old guy has nugged me (whatever the hell that is). My first reaction is ewwwwwwwwww but then I realize he like 4 years older than me. Thinking, now how some younger guy thinks about me. I read his profile, he’s written a nice story about himself and seems sincere. He’s probably just trying to find someone nice.

Not sure what I’m going to do with my “nugger”, I’m clearly going to respond, that’s the proper thing to do but uncertain to what I’m going to say exactly.

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  1. Will I have been away for 9 days and have been catching up on your blog. You’ve been a busy boy. I think it’s a bit hilarious that they threw out a brand new bed……I guess you don’t get much now for $7,50 and hour.
    I’m also pleased that you are looking to establish a group of gay friends….which are just that and you can hang out with or go to a bar and just have a good time.
    I’ve no doubt that you’ll find Mr. Right…..and it will probably happen when you least expect it.
    Keep up your journey.

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