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Amsterdam tomorrow. Hold on world. Watch CNN for updates. But it’s Saturday night. I’m out in London’s SOHO district. Wandering in my fur jacket. It’s cold. The fur and a nip of spirits keeping me warm.

I’m feeling for TC. No matter where in his life he wanders, he’s never going to forget me. I’ve ruined his 20’s. Imparted thoughts that only someone years old and wiser can impart. He may play thru this age, but he knows the end game. I hope he can get it in sight.

Are you who you want to be? Have you played out the opportunities that life has offered? Have you acted upon your dreams? ‘Cause if you haven’t, better get on with it, there’s little chance of repeating this show next season. I’m caught as to whether I’m an eternal optimist or pessimist.  Is life full of never ending opportunity or is the gloom of reality, just around the corner?

I see many unhappy gay guys. But I’m not sure I see that many straight people either. Mainly I just see people who have resigned themselves to life as it is. Good people of Smallville USA, go to church, pay their taxes, take care of their families. What’s wrong with that?

I always believe people can step up a notch higher than what they think they’re capable. A word of encouragement. A tough look. A challenge.

I’m trying to step up. Wish I had someone encouraging me along. But in the end, the game you play is against yourself. Step up. It’s there. Give it a go. You might even surprise yourself.

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  1. I’ve tagged your blog with a blog meme. I’m sure you’ve been tagged before. I’m gay and married with 2 kids. I’ve just started my blog so check it out if you get a chance.

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