Who says I don’t know how to write an enticing posting? Not that my “pics” would likely crank your motor.  I will have logged 30,000 miles in the last 4 weeks when my fat ass lands in Hong Kong later this week. Scrappy is going nuts, calling, whimpering, I just know he’s gnawed up a couple of my shoes. I’m tired and will rest up over the holiday.

A few months ago I was trolling one of the online “look at my naked body” websites. It’s a great time waster particularly when you’re on some boring ass conference call. I love ’em. Like ordering from McDonald’s – I’ll take 1 Mexican, 28-32, about this big (various selections to be made) and lives here.

I’m playing around (with the computer selections) and damn if my old Mexican flame Eduardo doesn’t show up. Eduardo, to refresh your memory, is a very nice (likely expensive to maintain) Latino guy that I went on exactly 2 dates with and who I periodically bump into and for whatever reason can’t shake him from my mind. He was, indeed, a missed connection.

It’s not a face picture and I never saw him naked, but I instantly recognized him. He had an assortment of naked photos in provocative poses as only a good bottom would have. He even includes a little narrative about himself. How sweet. I check his profile every few weeks and he dutifully updates his position (not sexual, I mean location) and suddenly I find he’s back in DC (after a worldwide tour) same as me. His new narrative says he likes older and masculine guys. HELLLLLLOOOO!

This is too much for me, so I fire him off an email, simply wishing him a Merry Christmas, hope you are well and hope you’ve found a new job (he was previously looking). All very nice, perhaps I’m a bit of a stalker (ok I am stalking but he doesn’t necessarily know that). I wait, but I don’t get a reply. Not even a courtesy – “thanks hope you have a good holiday as well.” Ah the homos so predictable.

Eduardo is 31/32 now, he’s not a pup anymore and I was left wondering why is he still on the market? He’s cute, polished, well spoke, educated traveled. He may well have a BF and posting pictures for comments might simply be his way of garnering attention. More likely, he’s still being screwed by this week’s hottie and soon to be next week’s not-ie.

I periodically dip my toe back into the homoworld to rebalance myself and remind me that Scrappy has been fiercely loyal and loving to me. This isn’t solely limited to the homoworld, plenty of whack job women and men roaming about, we all have our edges and caverns of dark. So I climb back on the plane and home I go