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Like father, like son.

Image388 A story from a few weeks back, perfect for my otherwise slow news day. I set-up my home office computer so I can access them remotely over the Internet, so I can see the screen, control the keyboard, sort of stuff. So one evening I needed to access a file and logged on remotely from Cologne, Germany.

Imagine my surprise when up popped the remote display showing the website "Fiesta Snatch" in it's full glory. Even better, I see the mouse is moving around, clicking here and there and a short video sample pops up. I got it someone is using my computer.

So I call my house, the answering machine picks up, I calmly leave a message that someone needs to urgently call me back. I continue to watch as someone is clicking around on the screen back in Virginia. A moment later my 15 year old son calls back. "What are you doing?", I ask. "Oh nothing", he replies, "just hanging around." "Ah I see". I then utter the words "Fiesta Snatch". Suddenly the mouse on a screen 4,000 miles away stops moving. "What did you say", he asks. "25,000 Hot Latinas", I reply. The browser window on the remote computer quickly closes.

"Is anyone using my computer?", I cooly ask. "Oh no, no one, I'm just sitting here watching TV", he replies a slight tension in his voice. "I see". Like father, like son I suppose, the power of brown.

Before everyone jumps on me, our household network is normally protected by and the kid's computers have their own firewall software.

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  1. I got a real kick out of your post; a few years ago when my son was 11, he would spend a fair chunk of time in front of the computer in the basement, chatting with friends, perusing YouTube etc. Or so I thought. One day, when I went to use the computer and began typing in the URL of the site I wanted to visit, the web browser popped up the addresses of sites that had been previously visited, one of which was a porn site. I naturally went to look and right there on the site’s main page was some horse hung brute doing a ridiculously big breasted chick from behind, doggy style. The photo left nothing to the imagination. I went calmly to get my son, we opened up the web site together and I pointed to the horse hung brute. ‘See this guy?’ I asked, my son nodded. ‘See how big his penis is?’, again with the nodding. ‘Well,’ I concluded ‘when yours is big like that, you can visit this site but for now, it’s off limits.’ He either figured out how to clear the browser’s history(likely) or stopped looking altogether(less likely). Either way, he knew that I knew and that was good enough. It didn’t stop his from asking me questions about the difference between sex with a woman and sex with a man, that required a little more delicacy on my behalf.
    BTW, pardon my presumption but would you please say Hello! to Germany for me; I haven’t been home to Rastatt in two years and I kinda miss it. Thanks

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