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At 9:45 a.m. the electronic exit door A1 at the Frankfurt Airport whooshed open and out rolled TC. Welcome to Germany. I had arrived from Boston at 5 a.m. and had been patiently waiting at the airport for him. Despite having showered and breakfasted at the Lufthansa Senator Lounge, I was beat from the long previous day and flight. An awkward hug, we eye'd each other cautiously as we made our way to the high speed train to Cologne.

Once on board the train, the Germany scenery flashed outside the window at 185 mph. I reached over and caressed his ear and he gazed back at me. My pup is still very much in love with me, his eyes gave him away. Once in Cologne, we napped, shopped, biked and tried to stay awake as the inevitable jet lag ripped into us. A light dinner, it was finally dark now, I dragged TC up into the bathroom, drew us a herbal scented bath, placed tea lamps all around and opened the roof windows so you could see the stars above and there in the candle lit dark we sat together in the huge enamel tub talking. Relaxed and exhausted, the cool night air descended into the bedroom as I took advantage of my Tiger Cub for the 3rd and final time that day and with that fell fast asleep. I would not awaken or stir again for 10 hours.

All I am thinking is how awful this experience might well have been if TC hadn't been with me in the past 9 months. The lesson learned is your energy is best spent on finding that special person versus slutting around or time spent with someone of lessor quality, no matter how fun it may be for the moment. I'm going to try and be more honorable going forward.


  1. What a man……3 times, oh my.

  2. Those rabbits are so cute! They capture exactly as I view you and TC. Hey, what happened to the guy your frineds in DC were trying to set you up with? He sounded nice. Are you still in touch with him? I hope so; he sounded nice. But I guess TC is nice also. Love your post. Hmm — I’m reading it over again. ” I’m going to try and be more honorable going forward.” What does that mean? Anyways, you and TC are two cute little bunnies. Keep posting. I love the honesty in your writings, and honesty is all that matters in life.

  3. Bless…you’re a romantic at heart (as well as being a bit of a goer in bed too by the sounds of things!). All is well with the world now! 🙂

  4. You can be honorable and still go at it three times. Shees at least someone is getting it. As soon as I saw the rabbits I thought uh-oh! 😉

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