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Asian Professional Guy (36) who I’d met in Halo last spring called me today. We’d gone to dinner during the summer. He had a new BF at the time, following the breakup of a 7 year relationship, so we’re just friends, though I clearly like him. We’d lost touch (meaning I didn’t call) and he’d found an old email which reminded him of me. We’re going to lunch tomorrow. See – that wasn’t so hard.

APG (I’ll call him that, running out of code names for the people I’ve met) is tough. He’s the reason I hate dealing with older people, my Jedi mind tricks don’t work on him. He won’t let me slide on anything. He’s asking me about my “situation”. He’s not urging me to do anything but simply to be aware of the decisions I’m making and not making.

He nails me on the TC story. He doesn’t see my humor, he sees me seeking intimacy from a guy, while risking everything I have going for me. Shouldn’t that be an answer? Sadly, he won’t give me the answer.

APG has a history with previously married guys. He’s comforting to talk to, he’s a caring person and I think he likes guys who’ve cared for others. So I’m happy he called, happy to go to lunch, though I’m sure I’ll scrunch down in my chair a bit as he asks me more leading questions.


  1. Now now…..we’ve talked about you forming a circle of gay friends…..ones you can count on. APG sounds just the person. Shame on you for calling him old…..

  2. Haha… the ‘older’ men force u 2 think like a grown up. Is that why older men like the younger? To evade certain realities. I would nonetheless advocate a balance. Play sugar daddy, have fun, but keep APG around too. Hopefully either of the two types of friends will surprise you.

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