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Gay married man coming out story

This is my life

You figure out which one is me. Thanks to Jim for posting this in a comment. I got so amused, I sent it to Prof. Tim who got crazy on it, so obviously it’s struck a nerve.


  1. oh my god, it’s exactly as I imagined the two of you! It’s great to finally see pictures of the two of you. you are adorbale.

  2. Let’s see now.

    You’re not passive aggressive so you wouldn’t say, “What’s that supposed to mean?”
    You would try to tell TC, “You are NOT going out tonight!”—Unsuccessfully.
    You do fall asleep just before sex.

    You’re the redhead!

    Is there a prize?


  3. I think I’ve spotted you:
    You must be the one driving the pink 4×4, right?

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