Sorry, but life suddenly got boring, in LA this past weekend, watching people live a life of conspicuous consumption. Staying with an old friend. His daughter turning 16, just got her a Land Rover as a “first” car, family of 3, 4 cars, you do the math, house up in the hills, they’ve basically torn down the house and rebuilt it, marble, Italian furnishing, rare wood flooring, they’re doing some model photo shoot in the house tomorrow. He hasn’t worked in 9 months, must be nice. BUT tonight, I get to do some star gazing.

We pile into his 750il and down the hill we go to Katsuya in Brentwod. Ultra toney California sushi place. I almost faint at the look of the wait staff. The guys are just plain hot and the women closely follow. Toned, tanned, teeth. Our waiter is especially cute and I find a claw extending as I chat with him. Unfortunately, I’m “outed” by my friend’s wife who notices this undue attention I’m paying the waiter. Hey — I can look, no animals were harmed in the filming of this production. I recede a bit. The place is packed and I’m enjoying scanning the room. $190 for appetizers/drinks for the 3 of us. Life must be good. We walk next door to the uber trendy “Pink Berry“, basically a frozen yogurt place, only 2 flavors, totally minimal interior and yet people are standing in line to order. Welcome to California!

The gay discussion continues into the evening, both my friends asking questions. I’ve lost weight, good physical condition, my hair is the longest it’s ever been and the Calvin Klein T-Shirt and *new* (OK – I bought another pair) of orange Puma’s may call somethings into question. But maybe something has indeed changed on me. I’m comfortable though. Both he and his wife know me far too well, they smell something.

What I’m disappointed in is how quickly the gay contacts just disappeared. It’s all quiet, nothing, no follow-up from anyone. Not upset about it. Probably better that way, no mess to clean-up. But realizing my own social circle is pretty small and for the most part I’m not interested in expanding it.