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Quick note. I am in Paris and you’re not. Made the flight, all on time, made it to my meeting, endured the whole day and found TC curled up in the darkened hotel laying in wait. We went out had a nice dinner and that was that.

I misspoke about Paris. I trust the entire city will accept my apologies. I truly did not mean any harm, I’m just a grouchy old man. We’re out in one of the gay districts and oh la la how many brown boys, Asians and shocker I even found the white ones attractive. Dark jet black hair and all of them in the ‘snap, crackle, pop’ style that I seem to like. As an added bonus, they seem to all like older guys, I caused quite a stir in one place, a table of cute ones with a few ornamental girls got all worked up. Needless to say, TC is on full alert status and as my punishment, I have to walk in front of him so he can see what I’m watching.

We went to Louvre today, in my many times, I’ve never been and it’s cold. Obviously I wasn’t the only one with this idea so there I was with a small African nation’s population in front of the pyramid. I hate crowds and the mere thought of standing in line after line, no way. The Louvre will have to wait.

TC starts yipping about a ‘secret’ entrance to the Lourve that’s he’s heard about. I immediately suspected he’d seen the Da Vinci Code just one time too many. He thought he knew where it was and we started walking. Cold wind blowing, we’re wandering around and I’m getting pissed off. Down the long buildings we walk in search of a hidden secret entrance.

A door, we walk into a quiet hallway with a bored security guard. Can we come in? Sure. Next was a single bored cashier. Is this an entrance to the main exhibits? Yes. Immediately came the coat check with some old lady who barely spoke any English reading a book. Can we check our coats? Yes, but you must be back by 5.30 to pick them up.

The place was empty and the only exhibit was some wacky special display with a handful of art students. I’m getting upset what a waste. TC presses on. Around a corner, up a pair of stairs, down a darkened hallway and bang, we were in the middle of the main Louvre hallway. Surprise.

So far things are going well, our hotel is across from the Louvre and we’re moving to a boutique place I found in a new neighborhood tomorrow.  More to follow.


  1. Enjoy Paris. How romantic…just in time for Valetine’s day

  2. The city of lights……….it is romantic. Will actually many European cities are romantic…….such charm.

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