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Let the crazy begin

TC called me 12 times yesterday. He was on his way to the store, at the store, on the way back from the store. The calls ended at 3 a.m. this morning with him and a gaggle of homos, drunk and eating late night Chinese. Oops missed one, he called at 3.45, still drunk, but well fed, to let me know he was at home, that he loved me and was horny. I’m not sure which of these topics I wanted to deal with first, considering the hour, I dealt with none of them.

TC has decided to quit his job and shadow me on my travels around the world. I promised him I would take a week off and we’d have a proper vacation. That was enough for him to get out his blow up globe, 2 pairs of clean underwear and 97 different toiletry items and find him at standing at the United ticket counter ready to go. He’s telling his parents tonight and quitting on Tuesday. I’ve told him he’s got to pay his own airfare and he’s happy to fork over his entire balance to see the world.

Another story is about to begin.

Now out in the ‘burbs, the highlight of my weekend was shopping for Depends at the local Target. My right knee is aching, I f’d it up during the move somehow, handfuls of painkillers and ice packs. I shouldn’t have played golf in Arizona. I’m gonna be 50 this year, let’s make it more accurate in just a bit over 90 days, the big 5 0 will turn on my odometer. Shit starts to stop working with those sort of miles.

Yet, here is this adorable 27 yo brown snarling tiger, circling about, the occasional hiss and sometimes in the late of night a little purr. Somehow, someway, we have made this work. He knows we need to be together and thus he’s committing to a 2 month leave.

TC saves everything, his filing system consists of a large mound of paper. I go thru it periodically, an archeological dig. I often find little bits of paper with some boy’s telephone number straggled on it. Some dude hitting on my Tiger Puff. He never gives anyone his phone number (mainly because he doesn’t know it) and never calls any of this lonely souls back. Though he likes to try to elicit some jealous out of me occasionally.

It’s just pure crazy, let the games begin.


  1. Have fun on vacation.

  2. That’s so exciting…..TG knows how to live…just quit and fly!!! where are ya going??? sydney???

  3. Around the world in 80 days?

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