Well folks, I’m back. I’ve got plenty of new stories to tell you. Experiences, things I’ve learned, things done right, things done wrong.

If you’re new to this blog, welcome. For many years I wrote my blog about my own personal coming out experience. It was therapy for me and so many readers wrote as well, I figured it was helping them as well. But along the way, people who actually know me found out about the blog. My own kids, wife, boyfriend, friends and work associates. Yup. It wasn’t a good scene.

About two months ago I was sitting at a hotel in Lisbon, Portugal when one evening I suddenly decided to shut the old blog down. No warning. No long good-bye. Simple gone. Google no doubt was spinning a copy of it around in some far off data center. But for the average visitor, I had simple disappeared. The reason was simple РI saw no upside to writing the blog and only downsides had happened. Many of you wrote wondering what happened.  Thanks!

So after some months, I fired the blog back up, a new domain name, changed the names of the characters and I’m gonna work to make it harder to identify me. Mainly, I want to ensure I remain¬†anonymous. So I’m keeping my big fat mouth shut. You can write me, I’ll write back. You can comment (I don’t comment on comments). So without any further ado, off we ride. Lessons learned, new ones about to begin.