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Left or right, you decide

Image402 Gentlemen, it’s time to place your bets. Prof. Tim in Chicago has already heard about my situation and called me last evening. I’m not the least worried about work. I’m more worried about TC.

Professor Tim is saying it’s no contest, Tiger Cub and I stay together. Suddenly visions of me romping about with a dozen Mexican boys in Cabo vanishes before my eyes. Tim – you wanna check the stats again, no serious, just check one more time, for me, yeah, oh I see, not changing your mind. Hmmm.

Prof. Tim’s professional reasoning is that for all the drama we seem to create, we’re pretty good with each other. “Chris – what else are the two of you going to do, you guys love each other, you see it when you’re together”. I’m gonna be sick.

So later today, TC will re-appear from New York, we’ll have dinner and chat, a new challenge is before us. Do you cut n’ run or stay and fight? There is no right answer and sadly you can’t choose both. Relationships and bonds are built off of experiences. Like tempered steel, it’s living through the good and the bad that ultimately strengthens a relationship. We’ve had a large portion of good so far.

But I can’t blame TC if he wants to bolt, this gauntlet of challenges is tough to swallow and life should be simpler, an in fact it is, follow your emotion and heart. The coin toss is upon us.

BTW .. weather in Cabo tomorrow is sunny and 94.


  1. Kristoferos:
    The final test of a relationship is what it makes giving up worthwhile. I am not suggesting that you decide one way or the other, but it seems pretty clear that it’s either TC or Cabo and the boys.
    Prof Tim knows the options, and knows how well you do in both cases. Me? I say listen to him.
    But what do I know?

  2. Hummmm……now who is the one that blogs all the time that one night stands suck……that would be you. Cabo is a nice fantasy, why take TC and fullfill it…..I’m sure the temp. would top 94 (only guessing here)

  3. Hmm. Let’s see. Eduardo. Then there was that guy you met through Russ and spent the weekend with and posted about and then took down the post. Then there was that guy in the hotel room in London,but you guys just “talked” all night. Then there was the crabs incident (you gave the cub the crabs, or vice versa, never did get that figured out), then there’s. . . I say it’s heads on the coin top!

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