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Leaves falling

It’s autumn and I’m raking leaves. Me and the boys and full assortment of powered choppers. My wife has invited me to dinner. It’s nice. It’s familiar.

Earlier in the day, Tiger Puff has called and he’s up in his tree about some bitchy situation at his salon. Practical me,  I try and offer him advice, my thoughts, actions he can take. I’m talking in front of my wife, she doesn’t care. But when the calls end, she calmly offer me advice that Tiger Puff aka TC, is likely just venting and I need to just listen. Great. Thanks.

As dinner is winding down, Puff Tiger calls again and my wife eagerly grabs my mobile and disappears in the house for 20 minutes yapping away with TC, like he’s her new best friend. At the end, she hands the phone to me, “I think he wants to talk to you“. You think???

I drive back to my apartment at the end of the night. It’s Saturday. My evening is done. But I’m thinking, my life ain’t too shabby. I’ve still got 2 people in my inner circle, part of my family, people who appear in for the long haul. Much as I bitch, things could clearly be much worse.

Note: TC has been growing a mustache. It’s part of a some big Canadian thing to raise awareness of prostate cancel. He’s not looking like an innocent like boy anymore, in fact, he starting to look like some 70’s porn star. Ha!


  1. Chris: How sweet that your wife and your Tiger seem to get along so well now. With thanksgiving coming up, you should reflect on how truly blessed you are despite your on-going challenges.

  2. TG is doing Mobember…how cute. It’s big down under. Send photos! I was going to do it…but maybe next year.

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