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Who killed Robert Wone?

The big gay story in Washington DC right now is the trial in the murder of Robert Wone. So intriguing, a group has created this blog to follow the event gavel to gavel.

It’s a real cliff hanger and you immediately feel like the courts will never hear what really happened. Robert Wone was a young married attorney who lived out in the suburbs of Virginia but worked in the city. On one late night at work in August 2006 and facing an early work schedule, he elected to stay in the city with a friend.

The friend was gay and lived in one of the cute restored row houses that you find in DC’s gayborhood. 1509 Swann Street is a nice address, shabby it was not. His friend lived with his registered partner of many years, plus a male roommate. He arrives at this home at 10.30 p.m. and at 11.49 a 911 call is made from the address.

Robert was stabbed in his 2nd floor guest bed, he died a short time later. Rescue personnel noted that the 3 housemates weren’t acting ‘normal’ to what they usually saw as behaviour with such a scene. Police investigated. The housemates professed ‘someone’ had broken in and killed him. As the investigation continued, the 3 housemates professed ‘they’ (meaning all 3 of them) were a ‘family’. It got weirder as the police uncovered all kinds of sex toys, and we’re not talking run of the mill garden stuff in the bedroom of the 3rd housemate. The housemate, Dylan Ward, revealed he was having a ‘slave-master’ relationship with Robert’s friend.

It gets better. It appears the crime scene had been ‘cleaned up’. Things had been put away, blood found in unusual places.

It gets better. The knife found at the crime scene doesn’t match the stab wounds. A missing knife from a set in the kitchen does. Mr. Wone’s own semen was found on his body and, the real deal, inside his body as well

Heard enough?  Their blog does a better job of painting the story.

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  1. OMG! That’s juicy. It’s almost better of the Sydney sex scandal. Married Minister of Transport found leaving a gay sauna! filmed at 11!

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