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Kenny Dilemma

Kenny is the guy I fell for originally. I haven’t divulged much about him, where he lives, what he does. I only stated that I had originally thought he might be gay (which he says he’s not) and the reasons why I thought so (which could be all wrong). Kenny has been a good friend and he’s the first person I told my story to.

Almost 2 months ago, Kenny and I are chatting on instant messaging and I tell him about this blog. Long pause. The wrath from him is immediate. He finds a posting about himself and just flips out. Signs off, blocks me from his buddy list. I send a couple of apology emails, no response. Whatever, I move on.

Well last night, I’m home close to midnight, computer on, Kenny has reappeared on messaging.  Basically, he’s still bothered by the blog entry on himself, he wants me to remove the posting, he says he’s a private person, he’s respected my privacy and hasn’t told anyone of my doings. Which is true. He closes with, “its not a threat, its just a matter of respecting what is important to others” and quickly signs off.

I was born at night, but it wasn’t last night and when someone says they’re not threatening you, they are. I re-read the entire 21 minute chat window. Not a question about how or what I’m doing. He’s totally fixated on a handful of non-descript blog entries. I’m thinking – this guy is terribly insecure. He’s, of course, worried that someone that knows me will read this blog and immediately ID him. But so what? It’s not like I gave him a blow job or something like that.

Now what should I do? Should I capitulate to him and delete the entries? Tone them down? Or f*ck him, leave’em up. I’m thinking.


  1. It’s such a tough call. You seem like the type of guy who doesn’t like to lose and this is a pissing contest. Suppose you did take any reference to him off of there. It would have the effect of making him feel more relieved, more relaxed. That, in the long run, would probably make you feel better. I try very hard in my blogging not to talk about anyone who is already a public enough person. If I mention them, it is in the vaguest of terms. Ultimately, it is your decision, but I think the better part of valor would be to remove it. All the best.

  2. i agree, while you and i seem alot alike, i think i would probably remove it if i were asked by the friend……

  3. Keep the entries. I’m not fond of anyone dictating to me what I should or shouldn’t post, so my advice is colored with that bias.

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