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TC spent most of the day on background Skype video, while I was working,  cooking in the London apartment. Or should I say, cooking half naked. Tempting me to be a online sinner. His brown tight little torso bobbing around as he cooks. Yes, I miss the brown tiger.

I continue to read “Renewal”, unknowingly this book speaks to a lot of gay relationships. The rabbi is talking about couples and how they maintain a long term relationship. His key factor they fail to find anything interesting in their partner on either the emotional or sexual side. The relationship lulls and often the man will go off and seek something new that is indeed interesting.

Men will blame the woman for not being interesting. On the contrary, the rabbi blames the man for failing to find something interesting in their partner. He urges us to explore our partner, keep it interesting and realize that no matter how many roads we’ve covered in our partner, we must keep the windows down and let the fresh air in.

I realized that TC, while we’re clearly not long term, we are always exploring. There is often tension with us. We miss each other. We play little games and there are always our drama moments. I’ve realized that relationship take quite a bit of work to keep both partners happy and intrigued. While I had a good relationship with my wife, we settled in very quickly, I hope for the both of us for something more interesting the second time around.

Strange gay behaviour continues. Meet a chunky white dude early 30’s at the event, nice guy, definitely not in my food group, but he indicated he was new to town, trying to meet people, we had a lively chat for 20-30 minutes. So I sent him an email, hello. I told him would love to grab a beer, definitely not hitting on you plus have my own brown tiger (currently on loan to another zoo). Very straight forward. No reply.

I continue to be amazed at how truly warped people are. Life is not that complex, but people sure are. This is not a gay thing, it’s a guy thing. I’ve called some distant colleagues about job openings in my new company. Think they would immediately call me back? Nope. Men are quite close in focused (god help woman and more importantly god help the gays).


  1. Gosh Chris, you are so needy some times. Maybe the gay genes are rubbing onto you too thick? OK, I get it – you’re a take-charge kind of guy, you want to tackle things right away but it’s not personal that people don’t get back to you right away. Some times it takes time. And I see you are projecting some subliminal desires, posting a picture of peaches? We know what you want, LOL.

  2. You are so long term. Stop denying it. YOu will be together for 20 years. Fighting and bickering and bitching but you two need each other. I’ve seen it. Two more co dependant people than Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffiths!

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