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Gay married man coming out story

Just weird shit

I got a mass invite, how I got on the list , no idea. This guy is inviting a group to come over to his house for a BBQ for an LGBT event. Super. BBQ. Kill it and grill it.

He continues on …

“Since I’m a bi-male crossdresser – I start off the BBQ eventsĀ as my guy self and later in the evening (my female side comesĀ out). I love being the host and feel this is a great way to make some real honest friendships.”

My god, I hate to see what comes out real later in the evening.


  1. So you will be attending then?

  2. Slammed!!!!! OMG!!! Is Cameron (see commenter above) the Kill it and Grill it dude you so dismissively wrote about? Karma is a bitch aint it? What was your later entry blog about “being a gentleman?” Nothing gentle about slamming friends, is there? Even if they are “queer” (as are you, sweeite, learn to live and love it)

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