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Well, I've tried for the last hours to write this blog entry. I have various subjects I wanna tell you about, but can't seem to get the rhythm to write. So you fruits will just have to wait like me for the creative spirit to return.

I wanna write about how I see men screwing up their lives and ask why they're doing this? I'm remembering more incidents.

I wanna write about the economy, it's crappy and gonna get worse but we're all gonna be OK.

I wanna write about my wife, who is off to NJ for the weekend with her Peruvian boyfriend. Sadly my only thought was, "Who goes to NJ for a weekend?". Cheap bastard.

I wanna tell you about my 13 year old son, who got mad at me the other night and called me a "HOMO". I couldn't help but start laughing, such drama.

I wanna tell you about TC Skype video and his big brown almond eyes and how I melt when I look at him (he's my puppy, not yours).

But I ain't gonna write about any of this for the moment, so you're just gonna have to wait.

PS Here is another photo of a nice well mannered Chicago boy, yet another reason why New Year's in Chicago is not gonna happen, I think I like corn fed!

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  1. He doesn’t look very Latin to me……are you casting your net wider?

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