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Having worked & lived in foreign countries over the years, I'm probably not your everyday American living life in Kansas. Moving to Washington DC in 2001, I witnessed the development of the police state in America. Even suburban police decked out in riot gear and cars decorated with more lights than a 4th of July fireworks show. As I now write this sittingin  DuPont Circle, police sirens come about every 5 minutes. I'm left wondering, who are Americans afraid of? I have story to tell.

Last night, TC and I arrived at Dulles Airport after an 8 hour flight from Frankfurt Germany. Me, in a dress jacket, jeans, white dude with salt n' pepper hair, looking like your average business guy. TC, with longish black hair, brown skin and his normal soft personality.

TC got interrogated for 10 minutes about why he was visiting, who he was visiting, how long he was going to stay, how much money he had, what plane was he leaving on. Not terribly pleasant. But more was to follow.

We picked up our luggage and passing customs. I notice a little barrier errected with about 40-50 mostly brown people seated behind it with their luggage. I pass without incident. TC isn't so lucky. They take his passport and tell him to wait.

TC finds a spot next to one of the few white people there. A nicely dressed white older Irish gentlemen, who explains he's been waiting 1 1/2 hours. I f*cking raise hell. TC is yelping from inside the barrier like a wounded dog. The customs police come out to talk to me. Bring it on, I ain't scared.

To make a long story short, TC waited for THREE (3) F*CKING hours at customs (this after passport check). The "check" consisting of 2 minutes of asking him the same f*cking questions about why he was visiting and then "you can go ahead sir". They didn't even bother to go through his luggage. No apologizes, no sorry for the inconvenience, no bottle of water. Nuttin.

Americans fail to realize the more we f*ck with foreigners, the more there going to f*ck with us. So the next time you wander up to Canada or some other country and get interrogated, well now you know why, payback is a bitch. Blame the US government.

I apologize to you for this off topic posting. This experience was a first in seeing how "we" Americans treat foreigners.


  1. Chris,
    This was not an “off the topic” subject. It’s a very important topic and should be examined more thoroughly. Bush and Cheney (the neocons) have frightened this country into a police state (remember we haven’t been attacked since 9/11….yeah right, we have been attacked by our own government, we just don’t realize it).

  2. THis happens to me all the time. It’s a brown thing…the down side of being Brown in america. I always get “randomly picked” for additional searches! LOL…arent I lucky. TC I feel your pain. Why I live down under…

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