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Just do it

TC told his 2 roomates that he’s moving in with me. The older guy figures “why the hell not”, give it a go. The other one, who is former boyfriend is against it. He thinks it’s a bad idea. He thinks Chris is being a rent boy. He thinks I’m being a dirty old man. He thinks this will end badly. Chris had broken up with him, so there is a tinge of jealousy going on. Unfortunately, they are now arguing and it’s creating quite a riff. Chris wants him to accept being his friend and NOT his boyfriend. It’s tough toggle to switch.

Clearly what we’re doing is a leap of faith, should we be fearful of failure? Failure is always an option. But if you don’t risk something, how can there be any possible gain? I watch far too many people who simply fail to be successful because they’re fearful of failing. I love to fail. Just dust myself off and I’ll give it another go. I’ve realized that down is never as far down as you think. You’ve got to take chances, have confidence in yourself and realize if you fail, well, you can start over.

Living with Chris, we’ll either develop a deeper relationship or we won’t. It may end well, it may end badly or it may just end. But we’re willing to live with those odds, life too short not to try out something that looks interesting.

So when faced with 2 decisions, one safe and the other bolder, which one do you take?


  1. The higher the risk, the higher the return. I guess it comes down to whether you can afford the risk.

  2. The higher the risk, the higher the return. I guess it comes down to whether you can afford the risk.

  3. In reading this post Chris’s ex sounds a bit like your wife. You were her everything….but you are gay. You can see why sometimes the anger rears its head.
    I applaud your decision. I don’t feel it was made in haste. I hope for both of you it’s the beginning of a long journey.

  4. I’m with you mate…”just do it”. I lived in fear for too long and so now, I’m ready to jump in feet first. Obviously, you’re not doing this hastily…you do need some basis for confidence. But go for it! Bravo!

  5. Do’s gonna end just enjoy it!

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