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Just a minute, Mike

JustAMike posted a mini-blog posting on my blog (thanks) who wonder (aloud) whether I was serious about wanting a “man-wife” relationship. So let me be clear — yes.

I didn’t marry an American woman. They’re all mostly fucked up in the head, watching too much Lifetime TV. I’m a firm believer there can only be one captain on a ship and I wouldn’t want to be a passenger where that wasn’t the rule. I’m a partner in a business where each partner has equal share and it’s nightmarish to watch our decision process. So I have no interest in having an equal partnership.

Now having said that, I’m not a dictator and I appreciate council and I often call upon both my wife and Scrappy for advice. They know things that I don’t. My wife long ago figured out how to work me to her advantage. Scrappy hasn’t quite got my reins yet despite me shoving them into his hands, but he’ll get it. I’m a softie for the people I love.

Before you fruitcakes get your nuts rolled up in a ball, being the captain carries an obligation of safe passage for all the passengers. It means I can’t screw over people who’ve put their faith in me. I might make mistakes, I might be wrong, but I’ll be damned if I will knowingly fuck one of my passengers over. It’s called integrity and there’s a worldwide shortage of it.

It may be old fashioned, out of date, wrong, politically incorrect, insensitive and if you need more adjectives just turn on Lifetime or Logo and blast away. But I’m comfortable with me and seeing as how I’m not planning on being at your dinner party on Saturday to discuss your Lladró porcelain figurine collection, begging your pardon, I really don’t care.

In Hong Kong, I’m oversubscribed with cute, sincere, sweet, happy Asian boys eager to partner up in a role that works for me. Scrappy has long demonstrated his sincerity, his ability to tolerate my political incorrectness and he himself probably can’t fully articulate his love for me. And I love him back for the things he does and tolerate some of the wackiness that he has on tap himself. So my “system” despite all your misgivings, seems to work just fine.

In short, while I may sound like some creature from the Black Lagoon, I’m actually just more of a realist. I have to deal with the world the way it is, not how I’d imagine it or hoped it would be. My writings, I hope, have been more inspirational to you and while you might get agitated by something I’ve said, done or didn’t do.


  1. Charming.

  2. Well. At least you know yourself.

  3. If it works for you….go with it! enjoy:)

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