High above the city in my Toronto hotel, it’s midnight and Tiger Cub and I are laying in bed, chatting and smooching. We’re good kissers, in fact, he’s the best ever. Soft and gentle to aggressive and powerful, we take turns being in charge. We’ve always been good kissers, since the first one indeed, and it’s only gotten better in time.

A kiss communicates so much, it’s given, not taken. But I’m realizing a kiss is a good sign of compatibility. I’ve gone out with a limited share of guys, evening going well and then the magical kiss. Yuck! Either too soft, too aggressive, too closed or too open, too wet or too dry. It’s just not right and you know it immediately.

You sense something lacking and there’s no recovery from a bad kiss. But a kiss is about you sensing the other person, responding to them, feeling them. A kiss with a stranger can’t be hot without some previous interaction. So I’m all for kissing, let the testing begin.

I’m in DC tomorrow, I will grace our offices with an appearance and say something smart. Not quite sure what yet, but I’m working on it. Friday, it’s off to Chicago. Professor Tim is holding court and Tiger Cub has been ordered to appear. I’m flying him down from Toronto and we will spent the weekend at Prof. Tim and his partner’s home. It will be great fun assuming I don’t either (a) get into trouble or (b) have some drama moment. Don’t start placing bets.

I close with this photo of Gael-Garcia who I go to bed each night praying he is gay. Every Mexican needs to be loved. I know, it’s sad. Next stop – Chicago, doors closing. 🙂