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June 26 is my move out/in day

My family leaves for an extended vacation Tuesday, June 26th. My wife and I agreed that I would move out during this period.

I’ve been in apartment hunt mode in the Dupont Circle area of Washington. Looking for something short term, debating furnished (fewer choices) or unfurnished (christ I have to buy stuff).  I rather buy my own place at some point.

Decided that irrespective of cost, I’m not going to live in a dank apartment, going without granite countertops and stainless steel appliances just ain’t going to happen. :-0

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  1. I’m glad you’ve decided to start blogging again.
    You must realize that you are luckier than most married gay men. There are so many that can’t afford to move out of the home as they can barely make it it is.
    Having said this I hope that you take to opportunity to find a place to live on your own and start working at becoming the “gay” man that you are.
    This doesn’t mean that you don’t love your wife and family any less, but it will allow you to be more honest in your relationships. Eduardo was probably correct ending something before it began.
    I’ll follow your story as it unwinds.
    All the best,

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