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TC has landed in London. Blading about already. Calling me in a continous stream. Like a pup barking at the incoming surf, he beckons me to come in. He ends the night at 1.30 a.m. his time with a last call. He”ll be back up at 4.30 to catch Eurostar to Paris.  I feel a massive amount of love from him, suddenly even he realizes how much he misses me. It’s a nice warm feeling, a feeling I hope all of you readers have or will have. In the midst of my depression, his constant lapping at my heels has been deeply appreciate. No, you sad old fuck, you ain’t got the game to snag someone 23 years your junior, try for 2 and consider yourself a big success! 🙂 My brown tiger, he’s all mine.

On a more serious topic. I have started to read a new book.  Renewal by Rabbi Shmuley. It’s a book. Great something to occupy me on a road trip or before bed time. We all have these books. I was barely through the introduction and I felt this huge sense of relief. Someone was finally writing a book I understand. Rabbi Shmuley struck a cord on all of my chords right out of the gate. It’s a book about discovering yourself, a book about understanding others around you, a book calling for change, a change to how your view life.

Yeah yeah. Let me preface this by saying I find most self help books quite formula or worse drug inducing comas. Some happy horse shit writer writing dribble about how their life changed by exercise, vitamins or in massive masturbation. I’m not into this book more than a few pages and I’m saying Rabbi, if you continuing writing like this I’m converting to Judaism. If you at the cross roads of your life, please on my recommendation alone, buy this book or at least read it while scoping out boys at Barnes & Noble. So many of my life’s spinners feel into place.

No the Rabbi doesn’t give you pat answers. But his observations matched with mine and like a good therapist, he asked questions, open ones to me his reader. I thought and it resounded. I am such a cynic about most things, but I’ve been captivated about the Rabbi’s presentation.

I’m in Dallas, being a good boy, trying to be all professional, working, it’s slow going first week, new company, I’ll make it.


  1. Being good with all those Latinos? thanks for the book suggestion!

  2. Chris: There’s a self-help book based on massive self-abuse of one’s private parts? What’s the title and where can I get it? LOL. Seriously though, it’s great you are getting more insight into things, we all need that — if it can help the master cynic in you, it could do wonders for the rest of us.

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