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I’ve been good, really

Image459Returning from a trip with the 2 boys yesterday afternoon, they, as teenagers will do, started a quarrel just as we pulled up the drive. As I walked into the house, the fight was continuing between the two, the younger one playing the emotional card, suddenly my mobile rang, TC, I answered just as the younger one screamed out, “yeah go talk to your boyfriend now”.

“Did he just say what I thought he did?”, TC asks. Yup. On the previous day, the older one had pounced into my office as I had TC on Skype video. “You wanna talk to Chris?”. No and he quickly left the room. TC and I both chuckled.

Kids want their parents to stay together. My parents got divorced and I generally hated whoever new they got with. It wasn’t until I was into my 20’s that I was OK (or more likely just didn’t care). I’m not sure the gay card brings that much new into the equation.

I know the advice would be “sit down and have an open discussion with your kids”. Sounds like counsel from someone whose never had kids. Kids know everything and no sense playing games with them. Playing the “Timmy – you know you dad likes guys and that’s OK” sounds like some grown up BS. They’d see right through it.

Instead, I’m out in the open, looking at Pottery Barn catalogs, making floral arrangements and commenting on this year’s fashion, “doesn’t Beyonce have a big ass“. Yeaaaah, that would be me.

And yeahhh, I’m gonna get in trouble for posting this picture by you know who.


  1. It’s the old “look but don’t touch” card you should be playing on TC or does he think that’s bullshit also……by the way nice pic.

  2. Huh? So, hide you head inside your shell and ignore your kids’ very clear and verbalized concerns? Sounds like good parenting to me.

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